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As part of our funding principle, thousands of underserved students from Peru learn English for free at Langcom.

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How it all started

In January 2017, along with Austrian NGO Aufwind, Langcom started a small but ambitious project with a social focus: teaching English for free to 25 sixth-grade primary school students of limited resources from public schools in Paria and Jinua, two underserved rural communities in Ancash, about 30 minutes from the capital, Huaraz.

The objective was simple: offer these kids the same learning experience, resources and dedication as received by kids of the same age from Huaraz, who were paying customers. So, they began to study and learn English following international standards. Despite the initial drawbacks, expected given the students’ study background and realities, this effort soon began to pay off.

After 3 months, the 7 best students were selected to continue their English studies with the aim that over time they would gain the practical ability to communicate in English, as well as the international certificate from the University of Cambridge, being Langcom and authorised centre, and use that skill to access better work and study opportunities once they completed their school studies, and thus achieve a more promising future.

A few months later, due to internal reasons, Aufwind stopped supporting these 7 students. So our founder and president, Raúl Maguiña, took it as his responsibility to not let down these eager students, who were so committed to their learning, despite the many difficulties they had to face, such as waking up at 4 in the morning to help their parents growing produce, taking care of their farm animals, going to school, etc.

Covid-19 pandemic hit the world,

So for over two years, these 7 students learned English at their own pace, always doing their best, and 3 of them were able to take the prestigious Cambridge exam, whose certificate would ensure they had prove of their level of English, until the pandemic started, which forced everyone to stay at home, and since Paria and Jinua were remote areas, access to the internet was virtually nonexistent, which in turn prevented these students to carry on with their learning

The Cambridge exams were going to be sponsored by companies and individuals from the private sector, who thanks to their desire to support the community, decided to contribute with a grain of sand to this project that Langcom had started almost 2 years earlier, with one simple objective: To be an institution committed to the population of Ancash.

We hope that other public and private institutions will join our initiative, and thus achieve an objective and lasting change in the lives of Ancash children and youth, promises of a better Peru.

If you wish to participate as a natural person, institution, NGO or company in this or another educational initiative, together with LANGCOM, contact us at the numbers or emails indicated below.