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Cambridge A2 Key (KET) Exam

The Cambridge A2 Key (KET) certificate is proof of your ability to use English to communicate in simple situations. The test assesses your four English language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It should give you the confidence to go ahead and study for higher-level exams like B1 Preliminary and B2 First.

Ofrecemos los exámenes de Cambridge de forma gratuita a nuestros estudiantes en todo el mundo y para el público en general a precios competitivos en Perú.

Cambridge English Qualifications For general and higher education

What you need to know before taking the Cambridge A2 Key (KET) exam

The Cambridge A2 Key (KET) certificate shows you can

  • tener una comunicación clara y efectiva;
  • estar informado con noticias de actualidad;
  • escribir un inglés claro y preciso, así como expresar sus opiniones y comprender diferentes puntos de vista;
  • escribir cartas, informes, cuentos y muchos otros tipos de textos.

The Cambridge A2 Key (KET) certificate shows you can

  • read textbooks and simple articles in English;
  • write letters and emails about everyday matters;
  • take meeting notes;
  • become aware of opinions and moods in spoken and written English.

Reasons for taking the Cambridge A2 Key (KET) exam

  • You develop your ability to communicate in English in practical tasks and situations;
  • You get a valuable degree that is accepted around the world;
  • You improve your prospects when it comes to work, school, and travel.

formato de examen

Cambridge A2 Key is made up of three papers developed to test your English skills. You can see exactly what is in each paper below.


(% of total)
Reading and Writing
(1 hour)
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7 partes/
32 preguntas
50%Shows you can understand simple written information such as signs, brochures, newspapers and magazines.
(30 minutes, including 6 minutes’ transfer time)
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5 partes/
25 preguntas
25%Requires you to be able to understand announcements and other spoken material when people speak reasonably slowly.
(8–10 minutes per pair of candidates)
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2 partes25%Shows you can take part in a conversation by answering and asking simple questions. Your Speaking test will be conducted face to face with one or two other candidates and two examiners. This makes your test more realistic and more reliable.

How do I prepare for the Cambridge exam?

Langcom offers you online preparation for the Cambridge A2 Key (KET) exam, in group and private classes, and 98% of our students obtain the certification they prepared for.

When can I take the Cambridge exam?

Calendario de Exámenes

For the time being there are no dates for this exam.

General Public


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Groups and Institutions


For 4 or more candidates
Para rendir el examen en Huaraz o Lima

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Langcom students


For our students who took the complete A1 Beginner English, A2 Basic English and Preparation for Cambridge A2 Key (KET) courses.

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Note: Prices are referential, and they can be modified at any time.

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Results after the exam

Computer based test results: 2 weeks after the test. (The exact date is recorded in the document COE: Confirmation of Entry, which is sent to each candidate after registration closes).

Test results in paper-pencil format: 4-5 weeks after the test. (The exact date is recorded in the document COE: Confirmation of Entry, which is sent to each candidate after the registration closes).

Diploma delivery: 2-3 weeks after the results are published.

Entrega personal con la presentación de DNI en vigor o pasaporte original. La recogida por terceros deberá ser autorizada por el candidato mediante escrito al correo electrónico: [email protected].

A2 Key Scale Scores

Depending on which university, college or organisation you are applying to, you may be asked to achieve a specific score or grade, either overall or for a particular skill. For A2 Key, the following scores will be used to report results:

Cambridge English Scale ScoreGradeCEFR Level
100–119Level A1A1

The exam is targeted at Level A2 of the CEFR. The examination also provides reliable assessment at the level above A2 (Level B1) and the level below (Level A1).

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