General and higher education

Cambridge English Qualifications are comprehensive assessments that make studying English fun, efficient, and rewarding. They provide you with the confidence to realize your goals, whether you want to go to university, start your own business, or advance your job.

A2 Key

This certification is proof of your ability to speak in English in everyday contexts. If you’re new to English, the A2 Key is a wonderful exam to take.

B1 Preliminary

This is an intermediate-level accreditation for students who have learned the fundamentals of English and are ready to use their knowledge in everyday situations.

B2 First

This certification demonstrates that you possess the language abilities necessary to communicate effectively in an English-speaking context.

C1 Advanced

This is evidence of high-level English achievement and the best qualification for university or professional life.

C2 Proficiency

This is Cambridge highest level qualification of English, and it demonstrates to the rest of the world that you have a strong command of the English language.