Cambridge English Qualifications

They are the most recognized exams in the world, accepted by over 27 000 schools, institutes, universities, ministries, business corporations, etc., in more than 130 countries, as objective proof of your level of English.

Langcom offers you both the preparation and exams, and if you learned English with us, take the Cambridge English exam for free.

For general and higher education

These qualifications are for learners who need English for career and higher education purposes. Whatever your goals, the Cambridge English certifications will give you the skills for academic and professional success.

For schools

These Cambridge qualifications are created primarily for school-age learners. They give a solid foundation and learning framework to assist children and teenagers in developing confidence and improving their English language skills.

For business

These qualifications in business English are aimed at professionals. They assist you with honing your language abilities so that you can excel in an international workplace.